Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Differentiation in the Art Room Tips

I'm currently finishing my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction at UNLV. The course I'm taking is Differentiated Instruction for the Classroom. As I continue in the course this semester I am sure I will be giving you more information on how to differentiate both in an art room and/or regular classroom.

1. Pretest- This could simply be asking the students to verbally tell you what they already know about a subject beofre you start the lesson/unit. It could also be a sketch, a thinking map, or a questionnaire of some sort. I find this really helpful when teaching to younger students. If I am teaching Ancient Egyptian art how do I know if my first graders have heard of pharohs, pyramids, or even know Egypt exists?

2. Multiculturalism and Cross-Curricular activities- Two major ways that students differ is by culture and learning styles. By bringing multicultural and cross-curicular activities into your curriculum you will reach more students.

3. Grouping Strategies- Having students work together in teams, pairs, triads, and individually gives students several opportunities for success. Frankly I think group work is very important because that dynamic will follow the student throughout his life. Therefore the younger he is when he begins working with others, the more likely it will be that he will work cooperatively as an adult.

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